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I already have print copies of just about everything Tim Powers has written but have always wanted to pick up a copy of Brunner's The Sheep Look Up so am rather tempted by this If there's only 1 or 2 books that catch my eye, I don't bother - it's usually cheaper to pay full-price at Amazon. Of course, that is by far out-weighed by the 38 Bundles of Holding I've acquired over the years plus 4 resurrections Humble Bundle is nearly?

Amazon site has Kindle e-books on sale for the Kindle Daily Deal, from various genres. Save it for spring or summer when you can read it outside and breathe fresh air and see green, growing things… Edited to add: This is on the daily deal, so it's probably only available at this price today. The December Monthly Deals are up at Amazon. I don't always check the deals. I've already bought a bunch of Tolkien for my kindle, but I'm sure there a few I've missed. I snagged the kindle version of The Fall of Gondolin which I bought in hardcover just a few months ago.

Might have to read that one on my tablet because it's illustrated. Orbit has a sale on for the books by their ten new authors of That was a bullet for me by someone either here or in TBSL group. I've been wanting to read Blackfish City for a while now. In today's last minute deals on Amazon. The Poppy War by R. Alif the Unseen by G. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. I loved both The Rook and Children of Time. I have no idea if it works retro-actively, but in the Tor. I don't know if you will also get it if you subscribe today.

Also, Tor. Amazon site has some best sellers on their daily Kindle deal today. Can't remember if they liked it or not.

Amazon site has the January monthly Kindle deals up. The January Amazon.

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This is probably a repeat deal. Note that the link takes you directly to the cart; the deal isn't listed on the website. There's a couple of anthologies in the deal as well: Robots the recent a. A couple of Lavie Tidhar alternate history novels on sale at Amazon. I think I mentioned this before but Tor. Basically if you sign up to the newsletter, you get a selection of? I don't know why, but I don't read short fiction online, but these are like mini-anthologies so I think I will be much better in reading those.

The UK VAT rules on small press ebooks have changed and it is now generally cheaper to buy indie titles direct from the publisher rather than through the usual outlets the Big River etc. Do get it, it is short but packs a punch.

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Amazon site has The Fifth Season by N. I grabbed this one myself as I've been wanting to get to this series in the near future. A bundle of new short stories from Tor. The Jan-Feb Tor. Recently stumbled upon a site that has free books available can't get more of a bargain than that, right? Clarke , Ray Bradbury , Isaac Asimov and many more.

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There's also audio books for your delectation. Some entries will available online but there's many that you can download in varying formats. Witchmark by C. Polk is Tor. The March Amazon. In the Amazon. Amazon site that may be of interest. The reviews I've seen from friends haven't been that great. I've been wanting to read this! Amazon UK has the Vandermeers' enormous anthology of Weird stories on sale for 99p today - not sure if it will stay at this price for a bit.

The Weird. That's a fantastic price. I picked up a copy. This is one of the few Doctorow books not available for free on his site so I'm glad, it was so late I was afraid they'd stopped after just one issue. I think! I went to see if this deal is available on amazon UK.

There are many more F and SF titles on sale there but I made myself stop looking. That one is still on sale so I snagged it. I was going to get the 6th Earth Sea book, but I think I'll wait until I've reread the first three before i decide if I want to keep going. If you order something and opt to not have it arrive in 48 hours they give you credit. And then the package almost always arrives in 48 hours anyway.

Unless there's a weekend in there. All the offers I ever see are only for "Amazon Now", which is their grocery service. And you have three months to use it, then it disappears. If I don't need something right away I always pick the slower option. It applies to ANY digital purchase. Since I'm buying books for mom, I'm spending more digitally than I used to. I've been taking advantage of the delayed shipping credits too.

I keep a handful of e-books on my Amazon wishlist and, once I build up a couple of credits, I snag a title at a reduced price. The issue then becomes that the TBR grows faster than ever! In case it might help someone: Go to 'Amazon. Edited for touchstones. Not much in the Amazon. Yes, it's in the June Deal and the First in Series deal. Yes, it's also in the June Deal and the First in Series deal. I hope some of those are on our sale list for June. I snagged it with my digital rewards. The series is now up to book umpteen; when book 2 was on a 99p deal earlier this year we both passed on it.

Whether the series gets any better, I don't know; it may be like the Jim Butchers and take a few books to get into it's stride, or it may be like the Rachel Caine series which seem never-ending. I'm debating about trying the Julie Kagawa - I didn't much like the other first in series I read of hers. Sweet cheese! I just noticed The Kingdom of Copper by S. I own but still have not read the first in the series, The City of Brass , but folks have been raving about it in here.

I think I'm just going to have to take the plunge. It's still cheaper than a freaking Hallmark birthday card. Amazon site has Sea of Rust by C. I read this about a month and a half ago and liked it quite a bit. Great series. Through the end of the week, Tor. I only want to know how they will explain their results to the public. I hate arguing. I just want them to understand my point of view. I stumble trying to explain. My heart starts racing so badly that I am shaking. I try to calm myself and explain differently what I am saying.

A couple of people finally start to understand what I am asking. No one would understand that. A woman I have started to have a professional relationship with and have started to become friends with also was sitting next to me. Afterwards, she assured me she completely understood and had the same concern. Then several other people, who are not doing this research, came up to me and said they understood and shared my concerns. I thanked them for that. They have no idea how much I needed that. I hate arguing with people. I want these people to like me, and I know we share a common goal. I live and work by a couple of rules.

I will not lie to people, and I will not put people in danger. Those are at the top of my list of rules. I work with some awesome people, some of whom take what I write and translate it so a normal person can understand it. I make sure it is technically accurate, and they make sure people can understand it. I understand the importance of communication. You have to tell people the truth, but you have to tell people the truth in way they can understand it. Today though I found this interesting report.

On January 18 at approximately p.

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To me this is another reason why rocket science should not be the go to science and engineering field for things that are hard. Rocket science is not that hard. It involves controlled combustion and trajectory. Missiles, a term which is generally used to mean a rocket that will cause destruction, is quite frankly easy. Then come talk to me about how hard rocket science is. In summary, as evidenced by this police report, missiles are easy. Rockets are easy. Stop comparing things you think are hard to rocket science. Evidently, IBM wants to encourage women to enter science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM by telling them to hack a hair dryer.

My first thought is that while I appreciate any technology company encouraging women into STEM, did they really have to pick a hair dryer? By picking a hair dryer, they are reinforcing stereotypes about women and how we care about our looks. I know there is one in my guest bathroom, left by a relative, and it sits there in case any guest wants to use it.

I may have one of my own in my bathroom, bought over a decade, possibly two decades ago. I am not even sure if I still have it because it has been a decade at least since I have used it. Computer science is one of the most underrepresented fields, even among STEM fields, it is one of the worst. For goodness sakes IBM, you are a computer company, encourage women into computers. That is a field you should know rather well. Surely you can think of things women can hack in your own field, things that will not play into stereotypes.

My third thought is what age is this campaign aimed at? Hair dryers use electricity, and they produce heat.

They are not exactly the safest things to hack. If a girl or women wants to hack a hair dryer, great, but I hope there is someone man or women around who would know when they are getting into dangerous territory. I can MacGyver with the best of them. In truth, a whole lot of my hacking knowledge did not come from school. It came from playing with things, looking things up on the Internet, and talking with other people with experience. I do have a propensity to take things apart just to look inside and see how they work, which is easy.

The difficult part is getting them back together again and having the thing still work as intended. A final thought I have is aimed at any inspiring engineer.

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My education did involve some hands on stuff and science labs, but it did not involve hacking. Most of engineering education is theory and reality of design. That is, first you are taught the theory as to how something should work. Now throw in some safety factors. Ta la, you have your design. So young women, hack if you want to, whatever it is you want to hack. Explore the world. Stay curious. Learn how things work. Learn ALL subjects and find the ones that interest you the most, no matter what they are. IBM, back off the hashtags. Do something actually meaningful that will encourage women into STEM like sponsoring science fairs or building competitions or sponsoring college scholarships.

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