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Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering , 7 2 , One-pot synthesis of hierarchically nanoporous zeolite Beta via resin template.

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Structure replication and growth development of three-dimensionally ordered mesoporous-imprinted zeolites during confined growth. Journal of Materials Research , 28 10 , Introduction of mesopority in zeolite ZSM-5 using resin as templates. Materials Letters , 98 , Lopes, G. Botelho, I. Neves, S.

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“Mesoporous Zeolites: Preparation, Characterization and Applications”

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Journal of Materials Chemistry A , 1 26 , Kunowsky, J. Journal of Renewable Energy , , Mesoporous Zeolitic Materials. New trends in the synthesis of crystalline microporous materials. Synthesis and applications of hierarchically porous catalysts.

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Development of Hierarchical Pore Systems for Zeolite Catalysts — Waseda University

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CN102627290A - 一种含有介孔结构的钛硅沸石及其应用 - Google Patents

Journal of Catalysis , DOI: Synthesis of mesoporous zeolite single crystals with cheap porogens. Journal of Solid State Chemistry , 7 , Valeria Felice, Ana C. Faujasite zeolites as solid electrolyte for low temperature fuel cells. Solid State Ionics , 1 , On the proton conductivity of Nafion—Faujasite composite membranes for low temperature direct methanol fuel cells. Zeolitic Materials with Hierarchical Porous Structures. Advanced Materials , 23 , Chemistry Letters , 40 6 , Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering , 5 2 , Catalysis with hierarchical zeolites.

Catalysis Today , 1 , Self-assembled titanosilicate TS-1 nanocrystals in hierarchical structures. Bharat K. Modhera, Mousumi Chakraborty, Hari C. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews Authored by a top-level team of both academic and industrial researchers in the field, this is an up-to-date review of mesoporous zeolites.

The leading experts cover novel preparation methods that allow for a purpose-oriented fine-tuning of zeolite properties, as well as the related materials, discussing the specific characterization methods and the applications in close relation to each individual preparation approach. The result is a self-contained treatment of the different classes of mesoporous zeolites. With its academic insights and practical relevance this is a comprehensive handbook for researchers in the field and related areas, as well as for developers from the chemical industry.

Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Partners MySchool Discovery. It also investigates the nature of the formed acidity including various techniques used for measuring acidity. Discovery of new materials poses significant challenges with regard to proper characterisation. Characterisation and the challenges associated with mesoporous zeolites are covered in Chapters 11, 12 and Recent advances in characterisation of mesoporous zeolites by gas adsorption are covered in Chapter 11 by Matthias Thommes et al.

In this chapter the choice of adsorptive and the adsorption mechanism are discussed along with data analysis to determine surface area, pore size distribution and porosity. In the summary section, the authors consent that pore size analysis of zeolites and hierarchically structured micro-meso porous materials is a challenge. Principles and use of techniques such as SEM, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy HR-TEM and transmission electron microscopy TEM , rotation electron diffraction and electron tomography in analysis of complex structures such as zeolites is discussed in Chapter 13 by Professor Xiadong Zou et al.

An example of the use of electron tomography to quantify mesopores and platinum nanoparticles in mesoporous zeolite Y is included in this chapter. The chapter also includes details on the commercialisation of the first mesoporous zeolites in a fluid catalytic cracking unit by Rive Technology. The use of mesoporous zeolites for biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals is reviewed by Professor Kostas S. Triantafyllidis et al. Areas covered in this chapter include the use of mesoporous zeolites in catalytic fast pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass, cracking of vegetable oils, methanol to hydrocarbons, methanol to dimethyl ether, methanol to gasoline, methanol to olefins and hydroprocessing of biomass derived feeds.

This book is interesting and very informative. It broadly covers all areas of mesoporous materials: synthesis, characterisation and application. The book is meant for someone with knowledge of zeolites and microporous materials. In my view, one of the areas not fully addressed in this book is the enormous cost associated with the templating agents and potential loss of materials during desilication or dealumination.

A review on what is been done to reduce the costs is also missing. Currently, he is working on several projects among them zeolite and zeolite based catalysts. Dark field SEM images of mesoporous mordenite zeolite obtained through de-ironation. Kresge,, M. Leonowicz,, W. Roth,, J. Vartuli and J. Beck,, J. Vartuli,, W.